Broken World
Basic Info




Notable NPCs

Hearl & Mini-hearl

Connecting Areas

Totsutsuki's Nexus


Main area


Cave (before collecting effect)

Olmmusic cavenormal

Cave (after collecting effect)

Olmmusic cavecorrupt
Version Added

Ver0.00a (Cave added Ver0.00b)

Broken World is an area accessible through Totsutsuki's Nexus.


The map appears to have a floor made out of stain glass or colorful stones. Smooth rocks can be seen floating or standing still across the map, with a large circular stone floating high in the air. Mist slowly fades in and out of the area. A large hole in the floor can be seen in the center of the map, revealing a field of clouds and lights below the floor. Hearls and Mini-hearls inhabit the area, wandering randomly. Interacting with Hearls cause them to smile at you. 

Passing through an entrance-shaped rock structure warps you to a dark cavern path with purple glowing rocks. Interacting with the Totsu symbol gives you the Star effect, but causes the cavern to glitch slightly. This replaces the purple glows with small red flickers, and colors the yellow Totsu symbol entirely black.


  • This was the first user-submitted map in the Outotsu Yume project.


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