Kubotusuki's EventsEdit


Location: Kubotsuki's Dream Room

When messing with the light in the room, there is a small chance this event will occur. When it does, the room with glitch up and play a distorted version of the title theme. The TVs will display a laughing silhouette of Kubotsuki. Interacting with the TV on the floor will cause Kubotsuki to be warped to a blank room with only a plain TV. Trying to wake up causes the screen to cut out to a cutscene using distorted title screen music like in the room, then warping Kubotsuki to his real room by the TV. After this event, the light now will work in the dream room and a new computer can be accessed in the Computer Room .

Mime Meeting Edit

Location: Metal Mounds

In this location, you can find The Mime, an NPC found inside the Fresh Forest's well that teleports you to Metal Mounds, in two different rooms in this area. 

The Normal room (which is found from getting to the right-uppermost door) contains the "normal" mime, which will blink and disappear when interacted, in a similar manner to Monoe from Yume Nikki.

The Jagged room (encountered from the bottom most door, close to the slime fountain.) contains the glitched mime, which will show a different background (QuestionMark -Bg2) and the mime will look as it blinks before his eyes change and the image distorts, changing the music to a low brown noise before, just as it happened with the normal mime event, the mime disappears.

The events appear to be separate from each other, strangely enough.

Question Mark - Bg2

Bg2- This one also appears by chance when you speak to the gore filled trees.

Totsutsuki's EventsEdit