Kubotsuki's Dream Room
Kubotsuki's Waiting Room
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Kuboa Event

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Kubotsuki's Nexus

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Kubotsuki's Dream Room is an area where Kubotsuki starts every dream.


Kubotsuki's Dream Room looks little like his original room, with a much more industrial feeling. There is a large amount of chairs partially surrounding the room, with a couch on the right side. On the left side, a chair faces a TV with Kubotsuki and Totsutsuki's symbols, allowing you to switch characters. Two more TVs are mounted on the wall, displaying static. A window can be seen on the leftmost side of the wall, but nothing can be seen through it. The room appears to be collapsing or abandoned, as parts of the wall can be seen coming off, revealing metal bars. The phone appears to not be working. The clock, set to 9:00, ticks every second. Messing with the light switch causes a small zap, and has a small chance of starting the Kuboa Event. After this event, the light switch will function normally. The one door in the room leads to Kubotsuki's Nexus.

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