Sandy Showroom
What are they showing, it's a mystery.
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Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Kubotsuki's Nexus; Holebun's Guts

Question Mark - Death Lullaby
Version Added


Sandy Showroom (aka World 1) is one of Kubotsuki's worlds accessible from his Nexus.

Features Edit

It contains large building like structures, most of them with weird sculptures, oddly shaped object and gray tree trunks on them. The floor is sandy, save for the red and white tiles close to the door leading to the nexus and the red water.

Despite the quiet, unnerving atmosphere, colorful NPCs dot the area, nearly all of them making a characteristic sound. The green organs disappear upon contact.

Near the Nexus door, there is "Holebun", a creature resembling a rabbit.

In order to proceed to the next area, it is needed to interact with a knife then return to the Holebun NPC, which shall have its face replaced by a hole, leading to Holebun's Guts.

Screenshots Edit

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