Regular BGMEdit

Track Name Location/Event Music Notes
Sushi-296_05 Title Screen
Sushi-296 05
Sushi-tone2b2 Intro/Warning Screen
Plays at 130%
Sushi-296_02 Character Select
Sushi-296 02
Plays at 140%
Nexus-bgm014b Totsutsuki's Intro
Starts at 60%, gradually goes up throughout the map
5088_1333571626 Kubotsuki's Intro (Outside)/Kubotsuki's Balcony
5088 1333571626
Sushi-buzz Kubotsuki's Intro (Elevator/Inside Building)/Kubotsuki's Dream Room
Kubotsuki's Dream Room BGM plays at 50%
080412_051514_d50 Totsutsuki's Room
080412 051514 d50
Plays at 70%
loop_117 Totsutsuki's Dream Room/Totsutsuki's Nexus
Loop 117
Plays at 50%
Kuboa Event (Room)
Kuboa Event (Waking up)
Nexus-bgm011 Computer Room
olmmusic1 Broken World
olmmusic_cavenormal Broken World Cave (before collecting effect)
Olmmusic cavenormal
Plays at 50%
olmmusic_cavecorrupt Broken World Cave (after collecting effect)
Olmmusic cavecorrupt
Plays at 50%
Question Mark - Death Lullaby Sandy Showroom
Question Mark - Death Lullaby
Question Mark - Death Lullabyreversed Holebun's Guts
Question Mark - Death Lullabyreversed
Fresh Forest
Metal Mounds
Rainy Garden
SesakaTH-Rolling Waves Twilight Garden/Upside-Down Atrium
SesakaTH-Rolling Waves
SesakaTH-trickle1 Clash of Mutated Forms (Outside)
SesakaTH-trickle2 Clash of Mutated Forms (Inside)

Obsolete BGMEdit

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