Totsutsuki's Nexus
Is the sky on the floor or is the floor upside down?
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Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Totsutsuki's Dream Room, Broken World, Computer Room, Rainy Garden, Milica's Map (needs name)

Loop 117
Version Added

Ver. a-000

 Totsutsuki's Nexus is the main hub of Totsutsuki's dream world, accessible through Totsutsuki's Dream Room.


Totsutsuki's Nexus is a large area with stars in the background. There is a slight noise effect scrolling over the stars, making it look as if they were twinkling. At the top of the circle of doors, there are two metal doors, like the ones seen in Kubotsuki's Nexus. Knocking on the door causes the screen to be covered in noise for a split second.

Interacting with an opaque door causes the music to fade out, the door to open, and the screen to zoom in on the door and teleport Totsutsuki to a new area. Interacting with a semitransparent door results in a message stating there is no area for this door yet.

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