Totsutsuki's Room
The home of the cheery dreamer.
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Totsutsuki's Dream Room NoReturn

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Ver. a-000

Totsutsuki's Room is the primary area seen in Totsutsuki's part of the game.


The room is a bright, sunny place with windows on the south side of the room. By the door is a coat rack with a blue coat on it. On the right side of the room is a telephone used to save, and a tea kettle and cup. On the left side of the room is a large bed, a calander, a bear doll, and a drawer with a lamp on top. The room also contains a backyard, revealing Totsutsuki lives by the ocean. Birds can be heard inside and outside of the building. Trying to exit the room results in Totsutsuki opening the door slightly, then closing it.

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